E.C.S. s.r.l.

With over 30 years of experience, E.C.S. s.r.l. is proud to offer you the best products now available on the market.

E.C.S. s.r.l., leader in the production of packaging materials and systems for the control of the sterilization process, is the only Italian company manufacturing a full range of products for the packaging and the sterilization validation by means of chemical indicators, biological control and adhesive tapes.

Our success has been achieved through a consistent and thorough research focusing on an innovative and competitive product.

Here are some important information:

4.000 ROLLS - 250.000 POUCHES

As well as other products manufactured by E.C.S. s.r.l.


E.C.S. s.r.l., thanks to its long experience in the field of sterilization, organizes conferences and training courses addressed to health care providers and operators of the sterilization processes. E.C.S. s.r.l. does not just provide its products to Italian hospitals but it currently exports to many countries inside and outside Europe, becoming the official supplier of the main hospital and dental distributors.

The entire range of products is regularly available from stock and ready for despatch all over the world.


An excellent organization

E.C.S. s.r.l. is able to cover all the different demands of its partners, thanks to the strategic position of its manufacturing plants, located in the North of Italy, on the Lake of Como, close to Milan and to Switzerland.

The new factory, which opened in January 2011, covers an area of 5000 sqm plus an area of additional 500 sqm taken up by the offices. The continuous development together with the constant technological innovation and the utmost attention to quality reference standards for both products and manufacturing processes, leads E.C.S. s.r.l. to be one of the most important company in the field.


Care and attention for the environment

E.C.S. s.r.l. ranks at the top level for the high efficiency of its plants and low environmental impact: today all the electricity running the plant is provided by a photovoltaic system duly complying with the policy for saving energy using clean and renewable energy.

E.C.S. s.r.l. promotes the environmental sustainability, supports the culture of energy saving and commits itself adopting “virtuous” behavior… starting from the production cycle.


Certified Company

Thanks to experience gained E.C.S. s.r.l. is able to satisfy the most diverse and special needs in the areas covered, assuring a high degree of quality innovation and reliability of all products of its range. lt develops and manufactures custom projects related to customers request.

The E.C.S. s.r.l. has a Quality System certified by primary institution recognized internationally in accordance with the norm UN EN ISO 9001/ UNI EN ISO 13485 constantly monitoring the quality of raw materials, the production processes and the validity of the product after the sale.


Leading edge technology

Offices, research laboratories and innovative equipment grant E.C.S. s.r.l. a high level of productivity.

E.C.S. s.r.l., thanks to its advanced technology, is able to offer its customers a complete range of products at highly competitive prices also compared to any Asian dealer, while ensuring a high standard of quality.